IBM is launching a new service to help customers manage their data encryption keys in a hybrid cloud environment.

Unified Key Orchestrator lets customers integrate all security key-management systems into one managed service that’s backed by Big Blue’s Hardware Security Module.

HSM is IBM’s system that protects against physical or logical attacks and has special hardware to perform cryptographic operations and protect keys.

Available from IBM Cloud, Unified Key Orchestrator lets customers maintain visibility and control over who has access to their critical data, while running workloads across hybrid or multi-cloud cloud environments.

n addition, with a single, secure, cloud-based  view of an organisation’s crypto keysenterprises can create and revoke keys for their data across multiple clouds. At the same time, companies no longer need to rely on security experts with specialised knowledge of each individual cloud to handle security operations, according to IBM.

Considering the average company is using more than eight or nine cloud environments, they risk greater exposure to malicious threats that can compromise data, IBM stated. Dealing with multiple clouds means handling multiple cryptographic keys in multiple key management services.

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